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If you’re an ambitious business owner who wants to market your small business better, then claim your free copy of this brand new publication by UK marketing expert Jonathan Jay.

1,001 Ways to Get More Customers is the essential guide for business owners like you who are looking for ways to promote a business, get more web traffic and learn new business growth strategies.

The internet has revolutionised customer acquisition, yet many business owners struggle to find a digital marketing plan or solution

How to grow a business – the very best ways of growing a small business

Imagine having ONE THOUSAND AND ONE methods of winning customers! Well now you do, in this bestselling book from one of the UK’s leading authorities on marketing a small business.

In 1,001 Ways to Get More Customers you will discover:

  • How to advertise a business
  • Proven strategies to increase the number of customers you have by 50% to 250%
  • Everything you need to know about internet marketing essentials including online video, email marketing, autoresponders and remarketing
  • The best digital marketing strategies
  • How to convert your website visitors into paying customers
  • How to drive endless customers to your business from Google and Facebook
  • The seven costly mistakes you’re almost certainly making with your website
  • How to set up an online system to attract customers on auto pilot – 24/7
  • How to attract the best – and highest paying customers
  • Marketing for FREE: how to get customers for low or zero cost
  • Where to get the best marketing support services

And much more……

This is a book about getting customers – but ultimately it’s about the FINANCIAL FREEDOM that comes when you are able to attract all the customers you need, at will.

Your customers are out there waiting to give you their money. 1,001 Ways to Get More Customers will show you how to find them – and keep them.

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★★★★★ An excellent book for anyone that wants to grow your business by getting more customers. It ranges from basic information for people who are new to marketing to some excellent ideas for those people who think they have tried everything. A must read!
Louise Prunty

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